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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Kerry and Role of NATO in the Reconstruction of Iraq: More Waffles!

Taken today, Tuesday June 30th, 2004 from the official John Kerry for President website: "What’s needed now is leadership – to finish the job in Iraq the right way – because America can and must do better." How does Kerry propose we do this:
A Strategy for Success in Iraq
To establish security and move forward with the transition to Iraqi sovereignty, the President must show true leadership in going to the major powers to secure their support of Lakhdar Brahimi’s mission, the establishment of a high commissioner for governance and reconstruction, and the creation of a NATO mission for Iraq. These steps are critical to creating a stable Iraq with a representative government and secure in its borders. Meeting this objective is in the interests of NATO member states, Iraq’s neighbors and all members of the international community. True leadership means sharing authority and responsibility for Iraq with others who have an interest in Iraq’s success. Sharing responsibility is the only way to gain new military and financial commitments, allowing America to truly share the burden and the risk.

I. Make Iraq a Part of NATO’s Global Mission

NATO is now a global security organization and creating a stable and secure environment in Iraq must be one of its global missions. Every member of NATO has a huge stake in Iraq’s future. NATO agreement to take on this mission should be reached no later than the NATO summit in late June. NATO can take on this mission in phases, beginning with taking control of Iraq’s border security, and taking over responsibility for northern Iraq and/or the Polish sector, and the training of Iraqi security forces. This would free up as many as 20,000 American troops, open the door to participation by non-NATO countries like India and Pakistan, and send an important message to the American people that we are not bearing the security burden in Iraq virtually alone.
Well, if you have been paying attention to the news recently you may have read this:
Bush Wins EU Support for NATO Aid to Iraq

ANKARA, Turkey June 26, 2004 — With European Union support in hand, President Bush looked to seal an agreement for NATO to help stabilize Iraq as its fledgling government takes over this week. He shrugged off lingering European resentment of the war, saying "We'll just let the chips fall where they may."

NATO announced an initial agreement to help train Iraq's armed forces hours after Bush won support Saturday from the 25-nation European Union. Nineteen of NATO's 26 members overlap in the EU.
Full Story
Uh oh, looks like Kerry lost another issue... So, how is he dealing with it?
Senator John Kerry has blamed President George W. Bush for making the world "far more tattered and volatile" as a result of the U.S.-led war and occupation in Iraq and he chided his rival for "trying to save face" during meetings this week with European leaders.

.... Kerry wished Bush luck at recruiting NATO aid for improving security and rebuilding Iraq, but made clear he did not think much of that diplomacy. He argued that Bush was showing signs of desperation in reaching out to France, Germany, and other opponents of the Iraq war.


Kerry said NATO now appeared willing to undertake a mission in Iraq, including border security and training security forces, but he said it may take a new U.S. president - namely, him - to bring along allies like France and Germany to do even more.
Full Story
So, Kerry made it clear he "did not think much of that diplomacy." That very same diplomacy which he advocates on his website! Bush pulling in more international support, via NATO, is described by Kerry as an act of desperation ... but Kerry would see his fulfillment of this same role as a 'Strategy for Success' and a method of 'Winning the Peace in Iraq'

Call this what to you will... Waffling, Doublespeak, Flipping... it doesn't matter, Kerry is talking in so many circles that my head is starting to spin!

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