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Thursday, June 24, 2004

From The Land Down Under

The Aussie's heard a prediction of what would occur under a Kerry Economy- you won't be reading this in the NYT's.
...[I]f John Kerry is elected president – and he is about six points ahead in the polls – then corporate America will freeze.

In the second half of 2005 there will be a sharp downturn in economic activity, which will affect the rest of the world. Share markets will suffer a severe blow.
But if Bush is returned, there's a 75 per cent chance the world will have a business boom lasting two or three years, driven partly by the US but also reflecting the strength of Japan, India and China.

... the China slowdown will be mild, but Europe will remain sluggish, even if Bush wins.

If Kerry wins, the situation in Europe could get very serious with unemployment in Germany and France likely to rise to 12 to 15 per cent – which could have serious political and social ramifications.

... while Kerry hasn't enunciated a detailed policy, his rhetoric so far is directed towards redistributing wealth from the so-called richer groups to the poorer.

That's likely to include a change in dividend and capital gains taxes, a possible rise in marginal tax rates and abandoning the Bush tax cuts that go through to 2009.

He would greatly increase government regulations and promote a much more anti-business environment.

Kerry would make global outsourcing much more difficult, but ... global outsourcing is needed to keep the lid on US inflation and interest rates.
Full Unedited Story
This election is certainly one of the most important elections, not only in American History, but World History. There is a LOT riding on this election, otherwise Esoteric * Diatribe wouldn't exist in it's current state.

This site is a reaction to a serious situation. We are living in historic times... these are the days upon which the world as we know it depends. We are at war with fundamentalist religious separatists; we have a domestic crisis in which our ability to practice free speech, religion in public, and the right to carry guns is being threatened; we have a political party that has embraced the tenets of socialism and communism; we have an education crisis brought on by communist/socialist influences (think group work... think no posting of an Honor Roll, think no displaying of art or the 10 Commandments); We have a media crisis of unprecedented proportions... I am not talking about mere opinion and slant (bias) working there way into stories, I am talking about the all out refusal of the media to run stories that they don't want us to read.

Every day there are stories that are not covered: Putin refutes US Media misrepresentations about 9/11 commission findings... Iraq Prime Minister Thanks George Bush for liberating Iraq... WMD Found in Iraq... WMD From Iraq Found in Jordan... France and Germany linked to Oil for Food Scandal... Economy Booming (Better than Clinton Economy)... Kerry Poll Numbers Stagnate... etc. Sites like this wouldn't exist if I could turn on the nightly news and not be told what to think. Sites like this wouldn't exist if I could get an educated Iraqi's perspective on the liberation of Iraq (instead of only hearing from Iraqi's who express disapproval of Bush's policies.

Sheesh... this certainly did turn into a rant. Sorry 'bout that.

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