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Monday, June 21, 2004

Did You Hear The One About The Wealthy Republicans?

Kerry Outspends Bush in May by $10 Million. Bush has still raised more, of course, but he stopped raising funds for his campaign and Kerry has not.

In other news we have another John Waffles Kerry story to report:

Kerry is now attacking President Bush (and Conservatism) as being unscientific.

Kerry charged, "We need a president who will once again embrace our tradition of looking toward the future and new discoveries with hope based on scientific facts, not fear."

AP Reporter Nedra Pickler wrote:
In those remarks, Kerry said Bush's anti-science initiatives included limiting stem cell research; removing information about the global warming threat from a 2003 Environmental Protection Agency report; ordering changes to a report that described damage that would be caused by oil-drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and deleting information about condoms from government Web sites.
Ok.... Here we go: There are alternative sources for stem cells... we do no need to, nor should we harvest embryos and murder/mutilate the corpses of undeveloped human beings in the name of science when these cells can be found in bone marrow. If the scientists want stem cells so badly, let them give their own marrow for science and not rely on frozen embryos and aborted fetuses.

As for global warming... with any luck this ridiculous theory will one day be taught as theory in our schools... and not as fact.
...there’s no credible evidence humans are altering global climate in any measurable way and, to the extent that global climate is changing - as it always has and always will - there’s nothing that humans can do about that change except to adapt.
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Global warming is a theory.... and a bad one at that. With every breath you take you are part of the problem, so if you are serious about global warming, why don't you do your part and stop breathing.

Concerning drilling in the "Arctic National Wildlife Refuge"... I ask you to picture in your mind what you think this Wildlife Refuge looks like... I know what you are seeing: crystal clear lakes, thick lush green forests, elk, deer, moose, caribou, squirrels, birds, mountains, valleys, maybe a small log cabin somewhere with a single small stream of smoke rising from its chimney. Now I'd like to interrupt this delusional orgy of earth friendly thoughts with a reality check: The area where they want to drill in the "Arctic National Wildlife Refuge" is a barren wasteland. There is nothing but ice, rocks, and snow in the area where they want to drill. There are some animals which roam the barren wastelands, just as there are animals that roam the deserts, but this is not like drilling in Yellowstone National Park. The actual name, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, is analogous to communist doublespeak in a title like the "People's Republic of China" Where exactly is the People's Republic aspect of China's government? My guess is in the same place as the wildlife in Alaska's Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

As for condoms... here is some Science for the Kerry Camp: Abstinence has been scientifically proven 100% effective in reducing the spread of sexually transmitted disease and in reducing teenage pregnancy. Abstinence can stop the spread of HIV and a condom cannot. Here is a novel idea... rather than giving kids condoms and sending the message that it is ok for them to start having sex, why not tell them that it is better to wait and send a message that they might not be ready for sex. Bush's choice that teaching abstinence is preferable over just handing out condoms seems to be scientifically sound... no?

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