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Thursday, May 20, 2004

The West Wing Connection?

I've been sitting on this story all day. I recieved an email from some avid West Wing fans. I was informed that the Kerry Campaign may have taken its official campaign slogan right from the West Wing television series.

Kerry's new campaign slogan: Let America be America Again

West Wing campaign slogan: Let Bartlett be Bartlett

I'm not the biggest West Wing fan, but in one particular episode:
Josiah Bartlett, as governor running for president, was having a tough time getting traction early on in the race. The advisors and handlers who were writing his speeches and shaping his image did not share his core beliefs. The chief of staff, in a meeting with Bartlett, finally settled on a new theme.... "Let Bartlett Be Bartlett" and as the story ends everyone lives happily ever after.
The email points out that the Kerry Campaign sure can't settle on 'Let Kerry be Kerry'... Kerry would have to have a set of core beliefs for that to be the case. The problem for Kerry is that he can't be himself because he cannot seem to make up his mind on any of the issues.

Are they living in some 'Hollywood fantasy world?' Trying to lift an idea from a television series to win the election...? It is an interesting idea.

Is it possible that the Kerry camp lifted their campaign slogan from a television series? Sure it is possible. It seems a pretty big coincidence: two figures running for president and having a difficult time early on projecting the candidate's image; both using a let (blank) be (blank) slogan.

Let Kerry be Kerry would be too coincidental, and wouldn't work since Kerry waffles; BUT Kerry can try to run on the memory of America (pre-9/11). Of course we can all dream of an America where the threat of terrorism does not loom over our lives. We did it after the WTC bombing, we did it after the Oklahoma City bombing, and what did all of the inactivity under Clinton result in? Over 3000 dead American civilians. Bush stood on the rubble of the World Trade Center and vowed never again. Bush knows that without victory, there can be no peace.

Kerry is running on an illusion. His campaign slogan is nothing short of reactionary. We cannot go back to yesterday... we must face tomorrow and take on the challenges that face us today. We did not ask for this war. We did not bring this war on ourselves. If we do not deal with the problems of today then our children and our children's children will pay in blood for our mistakes. I just hope to God that the American voter gets this message, and votes for the man who will take on terrorism instead of run away from it.

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