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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Kerry Waffles Again

Another waffles moment as Kerry takes both sides of the same issue:
The Massachusetts senator's Democratic colleagues plan to pressure the Bush administration to lower gas costs by demanding that up to 60 million barrels of crude oil be released from the nation's emergency stockpile, but Kerry said last week he would not tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
So Kerry's plan is to demand the release of crude oil from our nation's emergency stockpile... AND Kerry vows he will not tap the national reserve... ? Maybe he is going to take the SUV approach. Instead of it isn't MY SUV it belongs to my family, if elected (shudder) he will say I didn't release the oil, my administration did.

Does Kerry even know that crude oil has to be refined? As I understand things, part of the reason our oil prices are so high is because of the expense of refining it, and part of the reason that cost is so high is because of higher and higher standards for emissions AND because of some problems regarding the refining process in America (environmental standards only allowing a certain number of refineries to remain open at the same time, regardless of how much gas is needed) etc.

Check out this related story over at MuD and PHuD

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