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Friday, May 28, 2004

Kerry Threatens Key Ally in Middle East

Saudi Arabia, a key ally, strategic partner, and major source of US oil from the Middle East has been threatened by US Presidential Candidate John Kerry.

Kerry first threatened Al Qaeda saying
I have a message today for al Qaeda or any terrorist who may be harboring these illusions.... This country is united in its determination to destroy you.

And let me be absolutely clear. As commander-in-chief, I will bring the full force of our nation's power to bear on finding and crushing your networks. We will use every available resource to destroy you
Kerry went on to threaten Saudi Arabia saying:
[we must confront] the role of Saudi Arabia in financing and providing ideological support for al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

We cannot continue this administration's kid-glove approach to the supply and laundering of terrorist money.

The same goes for Saudi sponsorship of clerics who promote the ideology of Islamic terror.... To put it simply, we will not do business as usual with Saudi Arabia.
If Americans are concerned about the price of oil now, consider what will happen if Kerry ruins the relationship America shares with Saudi Arabia. Kerry's remarks are so out of touch with America's strategic interests in the Middle East that he risks throwing America into the grips of a mass economic depression. No foreign oil would be the end of US Economic dominance in the world. Our economy would collapse.

Kerry plans on raising taxes, destroying private health care (except for rich people like Kerry who could afford to avoid the common man in National Healthcare Centers), and ending long held strategic relations with the middle east. Kerry claims he will end American dependence of foreign oil... How will he do this? By threatening our allies who provide us with oil so that we can no longer afford oil?

We could, in theory, stop purchasing from the middle east, which would raise the price of oil in the US to the point where only the rich could afford it, and lower the price of oil across the world, making every economy in the world thrive, except America and the OPEC Nations.

We could, in theory, drill offshore and in Alaska, but all similar efforts by Bush to reduce dependence on foreign oil by increasing American production has been stifled by Democrats and Environmentalists. I can't wait to hear how Kerry is going to try to explain his way out of this one... Then again the man waffles and flip flops so much, who knows if he even means what he is saying.

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