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Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I am back. A little exhausted after the last two weeks, but I can now take a bit of a mental holiday of sorts. My new focus is finding summer employment. Esoteric * Diatribe is fun, but it doesn't pay the bills... in fact I haven't got much out of this site, except my name in the paper, the chance to influence (however slight) a national election, and some hate mail from some true wackos. Oddly, I've only relieved a handful of hateful emails a few weeks back, none since, so I guess that is a good thing.

Missing two weeks of updates kinda stinks. I missed the chance to comment on a lot of important stories. The two biggest stories in the media today are without a doubt the disappointing pictures from Abu Ghraib and the revolting "response" from Al Qaeda... I thought the left said there was no Al Qaeda link in Iraq?

My comments on Abu Ghraib... when the story broke I was crestfallen. Truly. I have engaged in internet discussions in which I have pointed to leftist agenda sites making accusations of Iraqi abuse, and murder at the hands of US soldiers as lacking credibility and making baseless charges. When those pictures were broadcast, it made me wrong, at least in part. The leftist agenda sites are still blowing things out of proportion, making baseless allegations, etc... but now they have evidence. Now their black helicopter-theory view of the world has been given a bit of credibility. The reason I was crestfallen was because now the lefty wacko's out there are gonna say "See! We told you so! We've been saying it all along!" I also knew this was going to become a political issue immediately... there was no question. None. The fact that this is still the top story on networks like CBS is telling.

The left (working in allegiance with the likes of Al Qaeda) is working so hard... so hard to sway the American support away from the War in Iraq. Do they not get it? Do they understand that if we fail in Iraq, Sept. 11th will be nothing more than a minor prelude? I will do an update tomorrow (with an Alternate Banner) to remind people about Sept 11th. I want you to see the horror of that day and tell me how outraged you are at seeing some pictures of Iraqis naked. I would never EVER condone our military forcing prisoners to rape or sodomize each other. It isn't right, BUT between that and say burning alive in the WTC... or maybe having your head cut off on camera... If you saw that video, then you understand what we are up against. These people are not human. They simply are not human. I thought about hosting the video on my site, but I can't do that... I just can't bring myself to do that.

I do think people should see the video. I do think the American people should not be able to turn on a television, or a radio, or open a newspaper without those horrifying graphic pictures being thrown in their face (kinda like what we are seeing out of Abu Gharaib). And I do not want to hear a single peep out of one more Senator, Congressman, or Government official... not a single word of outrage for what occurred 6 months ago in Abu Ghraib... I do want to hear the same outrage, nay, MORE concerning what happened to Nick Berg. 'cause when they spout off about how upset they are and how heads should roll maybe they should look at the sad irony of that statement and aim their outrage where it belongs... against America's Enemies, not our hero's.

And if you want to see some justified outrage, I have a little of my own on an unrelated story that no-one seems to have picked up on (and by picked up I mean it has been reported, but not properly analyzed). Red Cross: Iraqi Abuse Widespread, Routine. Before I start, please don't misunderstand where I am going with this... I am not upset about the possibility that Abu Ghraib might not be the exception, and rather the rule. This is troubling, but not the source of my outrage, so read the story first and then see what I have to say. The first line from the Al Quea Press, I mean Associated Press, was
Up to 90 percent of Iraqi detainees were arrested by mistake, according to coalition intelligence officers cited in a Red Cross report disclosed Monday.
Are you freaking kidding me? Seriously, are you freaking Kidding me? That is so absurd on its face that I don't think I need continue going further, Do I? Are we to honestly believe that 9 out of every 10 terrorists, killers, thieves, etc were completely innocent? Going beyond the absurdity of that charge on its face, the implication being that our army is so inept as occupiers that we cannot determine the innocent from the guilty and end up being wrong 9 times out of 10, going beyond that for just a second, lets ask the important follow up question... the question the AP reporter should have asked instead of just mindlessly repeating the charge.... HOW DID THE RED CROSS COME TO THIS DETERMINATION? The Red Cross Report cites "coalition intelligence officers" as the source... So we have the AP citing a Red Cross report citing unspecified intelligence officers... Did they make this determination, that 9 out of 10 detained Iraqi's were arrested by mistake, or were they just citing a figure... where did this number come from? It may as well have come from Daily Kos. Daily Kos made up the number, Al Jazeera reported it, an Iraqi council member repeated it, a spaniard intelligence officer crawling out on his belly mentioned it to the Red Cross, the Red Cross reported it to the the AP, and now I am bringing this number to you. 90% of Iraqi's are being arrested by mistake.... Rediculous, I want to where this number so readily repeated in the press really came from.

Lets move on...
While many detainees were quickly released or no longer mistreated after interrogation, high-ranking officials in Saddam Hussein's government - including those listed on the U.S. military's deck of cards - were held for months in solitary confinement, The Associated Press has learned.
The AP learned this from whom? The same Red Cross report that said 9 out of 10 prisoners in Iraq were innocent people? Did the AP fact check this with the same veracity as the first statement? Let's assume it is true, many people were questioned and quickly released (which makes sense... if you have 100 people and 10 are terrorists, and you don't know who is who, you let 9 go when you find out who they are and make sure they aren't a terrorist). Everyday millions of American's are detained by the police, and then set free. It’s called investigating. It includes traffic stops. If they arrest first and ask questions later in Iraq, quickly releasing the people who aren't a threat, is this a bad thing? Certainly not, it saves lives, both of our troops and the innocent Iraqi's but you wouldn't know it to read it in this context.

And the Iraqi Generals responsible for the murders of countless tens of thousands of Iraqi's and key to any potential resistance in Iraq... are we supposed to shed a tear that they have been kept in solitary confinement... something that is so humane compared to what would happen to them if they were released to the families of the people they have slaughtered... Are we supposed to feel bad for them?

Moving on...
The 24-page report by the International Committee of the Red Cross says abuse of Iraqi prisoners by American soldiers was broad and "not individual acts," contrary to President Bush's contention that the mistreatment "was the wrongdoing of a few."
Ahhh yes... the coup de grace... The Bush is wrong, Bush is lying statement. Thank you. This was the cherry on top. The article continues on, but all the heavy ammo is always laid out in the first few paragraphs... most people don't read beyond them and the news media knows that (which is why they make their point in the first few lines and then get to the actual story).

You want to see outrage... this Red Cross report outraged me. I am taking my red marker and make a cross off my list of organizations I will ever help to support. This story goes beyond ridiculous. It was reported by the Major Media and essentially swept under the rug or simply used to support the "larger" story in all of this... the Iraqi abuse scandal.

So I am back. I will be talking about a LOT of things a lot more in depth in the coming days... there is a lot for me to catch up on, but this post is a bit long and I need to get it updated before this evening turned into tomorrow morning.

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