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The Waffles Campaign was a huge success. Thanks to all who participated!!!
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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

What others are saying about Esoteric Diatribe

As of 11:30PM tonight, this site will have been up a full 4 days and start into its 5th day. So far, Esoteric Diatribe has been an amazing success. In under 4 full days, this site has been linked to and been mentioned on countless websites. An average of 8 sites per day have joined the campaign, and John Kerry's Official Election website is already showing up on google queries with Kerry's name and the term waffles. Of course our ultimate goal is for the term 'waffles' alone and by itself lead to the John Kerry election website.

On average, 100 - 110 people have viewed this site per day. This is certainly not what I was expecting when I named the site esoteric diatribe. I had also hoped to post more commentary on news and current events, but this Google Bomb has taken off and become the top priority. After the election, I will refocus on current events and news stories. In the mean time I want the waffles campaign to be a success.

I have decided to take a look at what other participating sites have said about the campaign:
To kick off the look at participating sites, we will start with democrats give conservatives indigestion
dcgi wrote
Google Bomb Time!

Esoteric * Diatribe is starting a Google-bomb campaign. We're happy to join in, since we don't want to see the White House become the Waffle House. Henceforth, all references to John Kerry on this website will be presented as Waffles and include the hyperlink.
True to their word, dcgi now uses the word waffles instead of John Kerry in every post that references him. These guys now how to make a google bomb a success.

Ben's World has generated a lot of traffic for Esoteric Diatribe. Ben wrote
Google Bomb!
Yes, it's time for me to fulfill my civic duty and raise the profile of people who consistently waffle. Esoteric Diatribe has asked for support in starting this Google bomb campaign. Therefore, from now on, John Kerry will be referred to as Waffles. After all, it would be a tragedy to see the White House become the Waffle House. Now, normally, waffles are a good thing. In fact, I tend to prefer my waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. However, Waffles' waffles are not the kind we all want. Say no to Waffles in November!
Right Wingin-It wrote, in part
...[B]ut after this campaign, i might never want to see any more waffles again
I second that!

The Horrors of an Easily Distracted Mind wrote
Esoteric Diatribe encourages everyone to eat some waffles. And link to waffles.

And perhaps ketchup, while you're at it.
Not a bad idea, but this is the waffles campaign 'cause Kerry waffles on the issues.

pamibe, wins the award for 'best pic of Kerry not found on this site'

BUSH Over Kerry wrote:
I'm happy to join in, since I don't want to see the White House become the Waffles R Us House. Henceforth, all references to John Kerry on this website will be presented as Waffles and include the hyperlink.
Esoteric Diatribe couldn't agree more. Your post, along with dgic, helped inspire this post

ipse dixit has the right idea. If ALL conservative websites wrote John Waffles Kerry, instead of John F'n Kerry & some of the variants we have all seen, then the waffles campaign would be much more likely to succeed.

patriot paradox has referred to Esoteric Diatribe as "...a new blogger that shows much promise." Thanks for the praise, I appreciate the support.

Dizzy girl wrote
I just discovered Esoteric * Diatribe,and the webmaster, Ken, is already making quite an impression on me. He's started a Googlebomb aimed towards John Kerry and ohhhhh's a good one. I encourage you all to add the picture below (DO NOT DIRECT IT!!!!!) and take part in the fun. Waffles...yum... ;)
I agree. I think it would be great if people added this as a permanent fixture to their website:

Esoteric Diatribe
There are plenty more blergs from participants worthy of mention, but I'll save some for my next look at what others are saying about Esoteric Diatribe.

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