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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Google Bombs

Here is an example of what Kerry is allowing people to do. I wonder how long it will be up...

The waffles bomb worked. The jew bomb worked in that Jew Watch is no longer the top site on a google search... but this is not enough. Well... Jew Watch is back on top...(sigh) looks like they had some more of their racist buds join their sick Google Bomb. Taking Jew Watch from the top slot was is a great thing for bloggers to do... but we shouldn't have had to.

Google Bombing is not just for political jabbing back and forth... its a method of attack. It is a method of swaying public opinion and distorting what information is available to the world. Control the information, and the world is your playground. Without adequate checks, that being any enforceable responsibility or duty on the part of Yahoo, Google, or MSN (etc) search engines, the internet will eventually be taken over by extremists vai organized disinformation campaigns.

Jew Watch is the first NOTABLE instance, that I am aware of, where extremists were able to top the Google search lists in order to propagate their hate speech and evil agenda. It was but a single instance, though; there are many extremist agenda sites bent on disinforming anyone who will listen in order to gain political sway.

Many searches, particularly those related to American military actions, often lead to agenda sites which report unverified, unsubstantiated, and in many cases untrue "news" stories. Query areas which have been affected the most involve the environment, animal treatment, human rights, gun control, and any other political issue (on a national or international basis).

The internet allows for unchecked speech to a global community. This, in and if itself, is not a problem; but when minority-agenda groups, who lie and distort in order to achieve their goals, catapult their sites to the top of the search results through easily exploitable search engines, then we have a problem. This is the sort of problem that is only going to get worse as more people learn how easily search engines are exploited.

For more of my thoughts on the matter, check here. In the mean time, I think that every Blogger offended by Jew Watch ought to Google Bomb every non-hate site in the top 20 of a search of the term jew. Lets not get ahead of ourselves... Lets get it out of the top spot (again), then we can focus on moving it down in the results. jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew


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