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Monday, April 26, 2004

Google Bomb Update

Esoteric Diatribe

Since my last update, I have learned that a search of waffles now leads to John Kerry's site as the first result on BBCi. Also, Jeff of Backcountry Conservative informed me of an interesting story he mentioned over here. I am awaiting confirmation of the story via a pic or response from FCW before I make any further comments on the matter.

This morning I learned the Miami Herald mentioned the USA Today Article and mentioned the waffles effort on April 13th on their website. They were good enough to provide a link back to Esoteric * Diatribe. I have no clue if we received any ink in their paper, I kinda doubt it, if anyone knows for sure let me know. I noticed an err in their blurb, did you catch it? Miserable Failure doesn't lead to Bush's campaign site, it leads to his White House Biography. Little errors like that have been getting on my nerves lately... I think I need a vacation.

I'd like to welcome The Trommetter Times to the Waffles Campaign.

I have been receiving occasional reports that John Waffles Kerry's site fell to #28 in the ranking on MSN. Today I was able to confirm this, but as of the time of this post, we were back up at #1. MSN has added an "About" link to the result which serves to help explain search results. I'm not entirely sure if MSN will allow the waffles to remain #1... I suppose we can only wait and see.

Esoteric * Diatribe is going to be on a brief hiatus. I'll be back in about 2.5 weeks with a ton of updates. Keep sending me emails if something develops and I will make note of it when I return. It would be nice if I could work on this site full time, but there are other things in my life that take precedence... like academic obligations and searching for summer employment (anyone need a legal intern?).

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