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The Waffles Campaign was a huge success. Thanks to all who participated!!!
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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Google Bomb Day 4

We are now into day 4 of the campaign. I am adding participating sites every chance I get. Wanna See how we are doing?
Google Search: kerry waffles
Google Search: waffles kerry
Google Search: john kerry waffles
Google Search: waffles john kerry
Unfortunately we are nowhere near the top 100 for the search: waffles... but we've only been at it 4 days. The first google bomb took closer to 4-6 months. I'm setting the goal of 'waffles' in the top 100 by the the National Conventions, and #1 by election day. We can't do it without help! Tell everyone you know!

New sites added since the last post include:

Slightly Rough
Sedes Sapientiae
Stars n Stripes
Slant Point
Join the campaign! Add this link --> waffles to your blog or website! Email me to let me know if you have joined the campaign and I will add you to my list of participants.

Why are we doing this? I am trying to start a Google-Bomb campaign amongst conservative bloggers in retaliation for the whole miserable failure thing. I've since learned that Michael Moore and Senator Clinton have been targeted in retaliation, but I still think the waffles campaign is more than worth doing; especially with what could be a close election set for November. If you would like to learn more about google bombs, This is how I first learned of Google Bombs.

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