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Friday, April 16, 2004

Google Bomb Day 13

Well, we are one day shy of being 2 weeks into the waffles campaign. We dominated every major search engine, including Google, if only briefly. Speaking of Google, Mark Memmot, of USA Today, was nice enough to forward a question I had to the search engine expert from the article. Google says
Each time we update our database of web page (about once a month), our index shifts: we find new sites, we lose some sites, and site rankings change... If you happen to enter the same query repeatedly while we are in the process of posting the index at our various data centers around the country, it might seem like you are seeing inconsistent results from Google. What is actually happening is that you are seeing a result from an 'old' version of our index one time and a result from a 'new' version the next. Due to the size of our index, we can not simultaneously post a new index at all of our data centers, which may result in this behavior for a short period of time
So we may actually be #1 at google, as many of us have seen for ourselves, and this could be explained as Google not updating all their servers yet... But...
If your page does not appear at all, here are some other possible explanations.

Your page was manually removed from our index, because it did not conform with the quality standards necessary to assign accurate PageRank. We will not comment on the individual reasons a page was removed and we do not offer an exhaustive list of practices that can cause removal. However, certain actions such as cloaking, writing text that can be seen by search engines but not by users, or setting up pages/links with the sole purpose of fooling search engines [emphasis added] may result in permanent removal from our index. If you think your site may fall into this category, you might try 'cleaning up' the page and sending a re-inclusion request to We do not make any guarantees about if or when we will re-include your site.
Sooooo... either they just haven't updated all their indexes, or they are selectively discriminating against this particular google bomb while leaving up sites like Jew Watch (disgusting) in a search of the term Jew. I really can't say for sure which is going on. Only time will tell.


In other news, the waffles campaign received some local ink. The article was pretty funny, too. Check it out.

I have been informed of some international coverage, check out: Guardian Unlimited.

The folks over at BUSH Over Kerry told me how we are doing over on BBCi's search engine.

Thanks to Mary Beth for finding some more proof of how we have done on

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